Spring Photos

tecla.jpgBetween work and play, I’ve been pretty lax keeping the site up to date over the last few months, so I decided to do something about it tonight. It meant neglecting some work I need to get done, but the unprocessed photos have been building up.

Two weeks ago, Juliette raced in the Frontier Adventure Challenge in Huntsville. Her all female team raced a great race beating many teams and would have come in third place, but they missed the final cut-off. I posted photos of the race in the gallery.

We were busy last weekend. Saturday, Juliette, Tecla and I went out for a long, hilly, 107km road ride to build up our endurance for the adventure races later this year. It was my longest ride this year and it left me feeling a bit wobbly after that and the yard work all afternoon.

Sunday, Juliette and I took the five Buddhist Precepts at the refuge ceremony at the Blue Heron Zen Centre in Hamilton.

Monday, Tim, Tecla and I drove up to Old Baldy to climb there and at Young’s Crag. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a great time despite the black flies. The sun seemed to be shining directly into my lens most of the day, so I only got a few good shots, but they are up in the gallery if you want to see them.

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