Leaving for Cuba

cuba-mapOur bikes are broken down and in boxes, I have raided the garage for spare bike parts and our panniers are nearly packed.  We are off to Cuba!

Juliette and I will be flying into Holguin tomorrow and then beginning a two week tour of Eastern Cuba.  Our planned route will take us counter-clockwise from Holguin so that we can hit the south coast early in our trip.  Much of the road from Pilon to Santiago de Cuba was badly damaged or destroyed in a hurricane in 2005, so we want to make sure we have options if the going gets slow.  A picture I found of the road taken by another biker is below.  Looks like fun!

kuba-173 I have drawn our intended route on the map in pink. We are planning on covering 70-100 km/day for a total of around 1000km.  Like most of our trips, we only have a rough idea of where we are going and will make it up as we go along.

If we plan it right, we are hoping to end up at Playa Guardalavaca on the North coast for a few days of rest before we fly back on the 21st.  Apparently it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba, so we are really looking forward to it.

We won’t be checking email when we are away and will be totally out of touch, so we’ll see everyone when we get back at the end of the month.

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