Rest Day at Playa Pesquero were up and by the pool drinking coffee by seven this morning. During these weeks of riding, I have settled into the rhythm of the sun, rising and setting each day like one of its disciples.

A buffet breakfast, a swim in the sea, worshipping the sun; leisurely days in a place like this pass so quickly and everything begins to blur together. It is not for me, already I am feeling restless and miss my bike.

I was at the front desk promptly at eleven to find out our fate. Would we be moving on, or could we rest for the remainder of the day? A couple in front of me was begging for a room, but were turned away because they are fully booked. I stepped forward expecting the worst. I asked for another day as nicely as I could in Spanish. Maybe I flirted a bit, because she rolled her eyes and said that she would see what she could do.

She headed into the back to talk to the manager, then returned many minutes later with a smile on her face and good news. We could stay, but just for one more day.

I think that only the manager has the authority to release the spare rooms. If you can get the clerk to take pity on you and argue your case with their manager, you can sometimes get in.

We spent the afternoon reading, swimming, sailing and having the odd cocktail, then retired to our room to dress for dinner and unwind from a tough day of leisure.

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