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Earthquake in Japan

Every day, the news out of Japan becomes more tragic. Juliette and I both lived and worked in Japan and we have many friends there, so this disaster is particularly close to our hearts. Our thoughts are with all of our friends in Japan and we hope that their families and loved ones are safe. […]

Mardi Gras Weekend

Spring skiing was supposed to start this weekend, but the snow gods have been playing with us. It was warm and raining for most of last week, but we were caught in a snow storm on the drive down to the chalet on Friday night. Saturday we woke to bright sun and a few inches […]

Telestock ‘11

I took last Friday off work to attend Telestock, an annual get together of telemark skiers at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville. As luck would have it, I woke Friday morning to a serious winter storm and a huge dump of fresh powder. The snow was so bad that I got stuck three times on my […]

If they weren’t so cute…

Tonight, I was working downstairs and began to wonder why Daisy and Roo were so quiet. When I checked on them, I found out – they had been busy with their project. They are both lucky that they are so damn cute! In other news, despite the unseasonably warm weather last week, we had an […]

Bad Blogger–2011 Edition

Bad blogger, very bad blogger. One should update more than twice a year! Mea culpa and no excuses, so let’s get on with nearly a four months worth of updates. First, I do wonder sometimes if anyone is out there listening, so if you are, please leave a comment, if only to say hi. Roo […]