Merry Christmas

Juliette and I are sitting at the kitchen table on Boxing day with tea and coffee, going through the Christmas photos. We started the day at home, exchanging gifts to each other under our tree. As most everyone knows, Juliette’s main gift this year is a puppy and mine is a new camera.

After a late breakfast together, we packed up all of the remaining gifts under the tree, filled Santa’s van and headed off to Anne and Wayne’s for the afternoon. Nearly everyone from Mom’s side of the family was there except for Lori, Mark, Grace and Brandon. They were starting at Dad’s this year and then coming to Anne’s for dinner, so we stayed as late as possible at Anne’s hoping to see them. Unfortunately, they did the same at Dad’s and we ended up passing them on the driveway with time only for a quick Christmas wish and hug.

When we arrived at Dad’s, the party was already in full swing and we could hear them from the street. Doris buzzed about the kitchen creating a wonderful feast. I don’t know how she managed to create so many different dishes and yet still seem so relaxed. I don’t think she stopped moving all night though. It was great to see everyone together again though and the night went far too quickly.

I have resized all of the photos and put them up in the gallery. I will create a CD for anyone who wants copies as the full-size versions are way too big to email.

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