Family and Racing

24 Hours Hot August Nights August has been a crazy month. Juliette and I began the month with a 300km bike tour to Stratford. Normally averaging 150km a day wouldn’t be too much for us, but we started the trip with three hours of sleep and hung-over. We still managed to enjoy ourselves, but it did leave me asking myself why we push ourselves so hard.

Two weeks ago, Juliette’s parents arrived at the same time a fair amount of work came in on several contracts that I am working. I always enjoy spending time with them, but it left me working late at night several evenings to keep up.

I have also been working to post-process the one thousand photos I took at Cheryl and Dana’s wedding at the end of last month. I am nearly through my first pass, but I still need to upload them to the web site, create CD’s, DVD’s and a photo album.

So, I must apologize to all of my friends and family. I have been stretched pretty thin this month and I haven’t had as much time to spend with people as I wished and at times I have been a bit irritable. I missed Nikki’s family BBQ and I have not been responding to emails. I’m sorry.

Last weekend, Juliette and I ‘slowed down’ and did the 24 Hour mountain bike race at Albion Hills with our friends Matt, Dave, Dave, Dan, Tim and Tecla. Despite the rain, we had a great weekend. Juliette’s parents, Don and Carrol, came along as our unofficial support crew. It was a great chance for them to meet our friends and see what we do. All in all, it made for a wonderful weekend.

After a month like this, Juliette and I are a bit burnt out, so we are going to take ourselves off bike touring alone this weekend and recharge a bit. We are planning on touring around the Bruce Peninsula and camping on the beaches as we find them. It should be fun…

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