Holguin to Canada

I don’t do tourist very well. I think it is because I am so easily bored. I see other sitting in the cafés all day drinking coffee in the morning, then beer for the rest of the day. They just watch the people come and go. I try it, but I get restless and leave after one drink.

We spent the day walking around the city seeing the sites, checking out the shops and wandering the streets. We have past the point in this vacation where your mentality shifts and you switch into going home mode.

By 3pm, we are done, head back to the casa, call a taxi and are at the airport before four. It is still four hours until our flight, but it is quiet and we can sit and read in peace without someone asking us for a handout every five minutes.

We are first in line to check in, then head for the passport control. I pass through quickly, but Juliette didn’t come through. I wait and wait wondering what to do. I am beginning to get a bit frantic when she finally comes through. The officer didn’t want to let her through because she didn’t have here Canadian Citizenship card. It took a fair amount of pleading before he finally let her through.

Back in Canada, immigrations and customs wasn’t a problem. We dug out as many warm clothes as possible, then headed out into the snow to find our van and head home.

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