Home Again

Juliette and I are home safe and sound. We are having a bit of trouble adjusting to the idea of working and snow, but all is well. We both wrote daily about our trip when we were down there, so we will be posting that to the site as we get it typed in.

Update: I have started typing in my journals, so check below.  Each day will appear posted at the date I originally wrote the journal as I get it typed in.

Update: The journals are slowly getting typed in. Only seven days left. The photos are all in the gallery now, although they aren’t captioned. Head over and check them out.

Update: I have finally finished typing in all of my journals for the trip. It only took me two months! If you are interested, the easiest way to read them all is on the page I have created for the bike tour. It has a list of all the pages in chronological order and will hopefully eventually have more general information on touring in Cuba.

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