Yellow Bike Ninjas

Winter 08-09 107 Our experiment as a one car family is surviving the bitter cold that winter has thrown our way over the past couple of weeks. Juliette and I have been taking turns riding into work and we have only been taking the car when we have to be out late or have stuff to pick up. Picking up groceries on our bikes in the summer is fun, but it is a serious pain in the winter.

My coworkers keep asking me if I am cold riding into work, but other than the day that the temperature dipped below -20°C, the main problem is actually overheating. I think it is a bit worse for Juliette though since she spends nearly an hour on her bike each way.

In other news, we have been enjoying our weekends at the chalet. There is a crazy amount of snow, perfect for snowshoeing, snowboarding and drinking wine in front of the fire. I have finally pulled the pictures off of our camera and put up albums for everything we have been doing lately. There is an album with mixed pictures from this Winter, another album with the Christmas photos and two more for surprise birthday parties we had for Mari and Tim back in November. Please check them out.

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