The End of a Crazy Week

h3018345_1 A week ago last Friday as I was leaving work, I received an email from a friend asking if we would consider selling our house. Juliette and I had been talking about moving next year, so I sent him a quick email saying we would talk about it over the weekend.

The house on Rossmore is too big for us and now that we have the chalet, maintaining the gardens is becoming a fair amount of work. We love the openness and the light of the chalet. We are comfortable there, but don’t feel the same way on Rossmore. Knowing how happy the chalet makes us, we wanted to capture that feeling at home.

Monday, I was on the MLS website, searching Burlington and area for a place that suited us. I was pretty discouraged looking at all the cookie-cutter suburban homes, but then I searched down the beach strip and found a small beach cottage that had been recently renovated with big bright windows, oak and slate floors, a big open basement for our bikes and kayaks, and a reasonable distance from work.

Tecla was over for dinner, so we went for an evening drive down the beach strip to check out the house, the area and the other places for sale. I had been watching the area for years and was impressed by what I saw. The area used to be pretty run down, but things are changing. Cottages are being renovated or torn down and rebuilt. The entire area is up and coming and we loved the look of the house and the area.

Tuesday, I called Justin and told him we would sell Rossmore if the price was right and set up a viewing of the house on the beach. Just like the chalet, as soon as we walked in the front door, we knew we wanted it. We looked around, talked about it for a few minutes and put in an offer that night.

Unfortunately the offer was rejected because of the condition on the sale of our house. Well, if selling our house was what was required, selling our house is what we would do. We both came home early on Wednesday and did a whirlwind tidy and prep of the house. That night at seven, Justin brought the person who had contacted him through. At 7:20, I was meeting with Justin and discussing price.

Thursday, our buyer was arranging financing and Friday after work we had a deposit and a signed offer. We put in an offer on the beach house and left for a long weekend in Ellicottville before we even knew for sure if it would be accepted.

Saturday, I received an email on my phone. Juliette and I are soon to be the proud owners of a small beach bungalow!!!

I am going for an inspection on Friday, so I will take some pictures and upload them so you can see what it is like. Meanwhile, check out the MLS listing while it lasts.

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