Done and Dusted


Juliette did the house inspection on Beach Blvd last night and everything is fine, so we have waived all of the conditions in our offer and the deal is done. We take possession on November 2nd.

While we were there, I took a bunch of pictures and uploaded them to the photo album so that we could remember the layout and size of all the rooms. The house is much smaller than our place on Rossmore, so we are going to have to sell or give away a fair amount of our furniture. It will be nice to make a fresh start!

The only issues with the house are some aluminum wiring and the wood stove is not to code. The aluminum wiring is all done properly, and the inspector said it should easily pass an ESA inspection, so insurance may not be a problem. As for the wood stove, we’ll have to see what the insurance company says. Worst case, we won’t use it, or replace it with a gas unit.

We are home for the weekend so Juliette could do a final exam, so I am spending this rainy day going through everything and throwing the accumulated crap away. It is a liberating feeling.

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