Monday’s Madness

The big day is fast approaching and we are getting excited. A little bit too excited actually, I have been lying awake at 3am every morning this week thinking of everything that I need to get done.

Luckily we are pretty much packed up and most of the boxes are already in the POD. We just have the heavy stuff like couches and appliances to take out and then we are done. I must say, a POD is a very civilized way to move. They drop a container in your driveway, you pack it at your leisure and then on the day of your move, it appears at your new place to unpack. There is none of the stress of the one day dash to get everything moved!

Saturday, we are having a yard sale to get rid of a lifetime of crap that has built up. The new house is much smaller, so we have already given away and sold a fair amount of our furniture. It will be nice to live with less.

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