We’re a Two Car Family Again

smartd For the most part, being a one car family has worked out pretty well, but there are a few times when it can be very inconvenient. Juliette needs the car several days a week because of work commitments and school, so I have been passing up on climbing and riding in the evenings. There are also a few days in the winter that it is very dangerous to ride, so now my commute is over twice as far, I wanted some options.

Juliette and I have been batting the idea of a second car around for months and with winter fast approaching, we decided it was finally time. Fuel efficiency is important to us and we don’t need too much room for cargo because we have the Mazda, so we have been looking pretty seriously at the Smart car.

I found a few online today, so I went out and test drove two. I was surprised how roomy they are inside and how well they drive. It is more comfortable than the Civic was and even has more pep. In the end, I bought a 2006 diesel convertible with only 37,700km. Hopefully the Mazda will still sit in the driveway most days, but at least we have alternatives now.

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