Off to Spain

spain-flagIn a few hours, Juliette and I will be loading our bike boxes and panniers into the car, driving to the airport and flying off for two glorious weeks riding around southern Spain. Dave & Mari are flying with us, and Jen & Rich are flying down from Sweden to meet us.

It has been a very busy and event filled winter. I have only now managed to get all of the photos I have taken since last August up into the photo albums. I have added four new albums and hundreds of photos.

  • August Long Weekend at the Chalet – For the August long weekend, we had all of our friends down to the chalet to ride and hang out.
  • Fall 2009 – Photos from the fall, riding up in Collingwood and Thanksgiving with friends at the Chalet
  • Christmas & New Year 2009 – Christmas and New Year photos from Beach Blvd, England and at the Chalet
  • Winter 2010 – Photos from the winter at the chalet including several weekends with friends and a long weekend when my Dad, Doris, my brothers and their partners came down. Also includes my birthday in Meaford and Juliette’s Around the Bay Race.

Now that spring is here, we are really starting to appreciate the move to the new house. Being so close to the beach is wonderful. Every morning, Juliette and I get up early, make coffee and take Daisy for a walk on the beach to watch the sun coming up. I also love riding into work along the beach path. Juliette also just found out that she is moving to the Burlington Campus of the university, so we will be able to ride to work together!

Before I go, I would also like to send out huge thanks to Jen & Franco for taking Daisy into their home for the two weeks we are away. When I dropped her off this morning, she quickly forgot who I was as she tore around the house playing with Cusco and Lima. We are going to have one exhausted and happy dog when we get home. I just hope she doesn’t wear Jen & Franco out.

Check back soon, I will try to post from Spain and there will be plenty of pictures when I return.


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