The Arrival of Roo

Daisy and RooSunday, I returned from a week mountain biking in Vermont to find a new member of our family, Roo. Saturday, Juliette flew to South Carolina and back to pick up a little brother for Daisy. Now I am the father of two crazy hairless terriers.

My first meeting with Roo was after a very long day of new things for him. He had met Dave, Mari, Max and Daisy for the first time, been introduced to his new home and driven all over in the car.

He is still very timid and everything is very new to him, but he is settling in well. He is so much larger than Daisy was at his age that it is hard to see him as a puppy, so we forget what Daisy was like at that age. He already weighs nearly as much as Daisy and is nearly as big, but he is still awkward and has a thin layer of baby fat reminding me of a funny brown sausage.

We had originally decided on Roo for his name, but the breeder named him Satchel which stuck for awhile. I really think he looks like a kangaroo though and his timid yet brave nature reminds me of little Roo from Winnie the Poo, so I think he will be Roo again.

As I mentioned above, I spent last week in Vermont with the boys mountain biking. The pictures are nearly ready, so I should be posting more about that in a few days.

In other news, Juliette has returned from a long hiatus and has started blogging again, so check out Early Morning Navel Gazing for her latest thoughts and musings.

So, lastly, before the name sticks, do you prefer Satchel or Roo? Leave a comment and let us know.

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