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New Year’s Photos

The pictures from New Year’s Eve at Silvia & Steve’s chalet are up. Steve, Silvia, Ted, Cheryl, John Cotter, Juliette and I had a small dinner party then snowshoed up Blue Mountain to watch the fireworks at midnight. I am now two weeks into my new job and am really enjoying it. Ivara is a […]

Merry Christmas

Juliette and I are sitting at the kitchen table on Boxing day with tea and coffee, going through the Christmas photos. We started the day at home, exchanging gifts to each other under our tree. As most everyone knows, Juliette’s main gift this year is a puppy and mine is a new camera. After a […]

New Year’s Photos

I finally got around to uploading the pictures from New Year’s Eve to the photo albums. Both Juliette and I were pretty jet lagged, so we didn’t last too late, but we had a great evening none-the-less.


I know, I know… It is a bit late to be posting about halloween and it is terrible that it took me so long to get the pictures up. I guess it all speaks to how crazy the last few weeks of our life have been. At work, we have done a limited beta launch […]

Nanny’s Birthday Photos

I have put up all of the pictures from Nanny’s birthday party and added a bunch to the winter 2003 album. Head over and check them out if you’re interested.