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Family and Racing

August has been a crazy month. Juliette and I began the month with a 300km bike tour to Stratford. Normally averaging 150km a day wouldn’t be too much for us, but we started the trip with three hours of sleep and hung-over. We still managed to enjoy ourselves, but it did leave me asking myself […]

Time is Flying

Time is flying by. I realized that I still hadn’t uploaded the pictures I took at Christmas, so I finally processed them and uploaded them. They are the fifth album down at the bottom of the page, so make sure that you scroll for them. I have also uploaded a bunch of pictures that I […]

Family Tree

I have finally found a web viewer for the Prouse family tree file, so I have put it up on the website. I have added a family tree link to the menubar on the left. You will require Java to view the family tree, or if you have software that can import GED files, you […]

Merry Christmas

Juliette and I are sitting at the kitchen table on Boxing day with tea and coffee, going through the Christmas photos. We started the day at home, exchanging gifts to each other under our tree. As most everyone knows, Juliette’s main gift this year is a puppy and mine is a new camera. After a […]

Adirondacks and My New Nephew

After a busy few weeks, I have finally managed to get the latest batch of pictures up. Juliette’s parents came over to visit for two weeks. The managed to get down to the Niagra wine country a couple of times and Don got to see his old friend Johnny Stringer again. We then took a […]