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Christmas Photos

I have put up the photos of our trip to England for Christmas to see Juliette’s parents. I am still preparing the New Year’s photos and they should be up in a few days. Don, Juliette’s Dad, has also started putting his photos up on the web. Head over to to see the Christmas […]


Today Juliette and I have been married for two years. We both spent many years looking and had to travel half-way around the world, but we have finally found in each other the one person that we will spend our lives with. Juliette, I love you more each day and cannot imagine life without you. […]

Nanny’s Birthday Photos

I have put up all of the pictures from Nanny’s birthday party and added a bunch to the winter 2003 album. Head over and check them out if you’re interested.

Christmas and Peace March Pictures

I finally have my camera back, so the pictures are being posted again. I posted a few pictures from Christmas and many from the Peace March last weekend. Despite bitterly cold temperatures in Toronto, 25,000 people showed up to let Bush and Blair know that we don’t approve of their plans to attack Iraq and […]