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Bike Tour of Andalucía, Spain

It took me a month, but I have finally finished typing in all of my journals from our Spain trip. Over two weeks, we covered 786 km and saw three countries. Our friend’s Jennie & Rich joined us for the first half of the trip and Mari & Dave were there for the whole long […]

We’re a Two Car Family Again

For the most part, being a one car family has worked out pretty well, but there are a few times when it can be very inconvenient. Juliette needs the car several days a week because of work commitments and school, so I have been passing up on climbing and riding in the evenings. There are […]

Monday’s Madness

The big day is fast approaching and we are getting excited. A little bit too excited actually, I have been lying awake at 3am every morning this week thinking of everything that I need to get done. Luckily we are pretty much packed up and most of the boxes are already in the POD. We […]

Ellicottville Mountain Biking Trail Map v1.14

I have updated my map of the mountain biking trails around Ellicottville to include Golden Hills and Allegany State park. I have also created an installer for easy installation and have an experimental release for my friends with Macs. This map has a transparent background, so you can load it and it will show on […]

Done and Dusted

Juliette did the house inspection on Beach Blvd last night and everything is fine, so we have waived all of the conditions in our offer and the deal is done. We take possession on November 2nd. While we were there, I took a bunch of pictures and uploaded them to the photo album so that […]