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Cheryl & Dana’s Wedding

Tonight I uploaded over five hundred photos that I took at Cheryl and Dana’s wedding on the 28th of July, 2007. I’m sorry that it took me so long to edit and upload them, I know how much people have been looking forward to seeing them. They did turn out great though. It will take […]

Bike Touring

For the Canada Day long weekend, Juliette and I headed off to the Finger Lakes for a three day, 300km bike tour around the lakes. It was a wonderful trip that went through some beautiful country. The picture from the trip are up, but not captioned yet. We are enjoying bike touring and planning on […]

Spring Photos

Between work and play, I’ve been pretty lax keeping the site up to date over the last few months, so I decided to do something about it tonight. It meant neglecting some work I need to get done, but the unprocessed photos have been building up. Two weeks ago, Juliette raced in the Frontier Adventure […]

Climbing in the Gunks

This weekend Tim and I braved the unsettled weather forecast, took Monday off and drove the eight hours to the Gunks for a long weekend of climbing. We drove through driving rain to get to New Paltz, got lost searching for a local climbing camping area called the Grist Mill at two in the morning […]

Back From France

Juliette and I are back from France, but just barely. We woke up on Sunday morning to discover that it was now daylight savings time and we had one hour less to get to the airport than we expected.  We raced out of the hotel to the train station and tried to get tickets, but […]