Greg & Malin’s Wedding

Greg & MalinI finally managed to process and upload the photos from Greg & Malin’s Wedding. People who are not logged in will see the thumbnails and the medium resolution photos which are a good size for web viewing. I have uploaded the high-resolution photos for people who want to print out any of the photos. If you want prints, let me know and I will send you the username/password so that you can log in and download the high resolution prints.

We are having a fairly quiet weekend at home this weekend. We went mountain biking yesterday morning and Juliette went out for lunch with Ruth yesterday afternoon. I got a few shots of Juliette and Ruth dressed in their leather before they headed off on Ruth’s bike. They are in the summer album if you want to see them.

Last night we headed off to see Star Wars at the drive-in. It has been brutally hot here, so sitting out in the evening watching movies was nice. Today we are thinking of heading into Toronto to see the pride parade. I could be a fun afternoon and open up some fun photographic opportunities.

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