Spring Guy’s Weekend

Juliette was away last weekend on an executive retreat, so I decided to invite everyone down to the chalet for a weekend of mountain biking. Several of us took Friday off for a long weekend. I arrived Thursday night to several inches of snow and was worried when Dave and I went for an early morning ride and the snow made it so bad that we only managed 4km in just under an hour.

Matt, George, Adam, Nick, Derek and Paul arrived throughout the day on Friday. We went for an afternoon ride in Ellicottville and rode up from the training centre. The snow had been melting all day, so the trails were very muddy and slippery, but much better than the trails around the chalet.

Saturday we decided to ride at Sprague Brook. It was a great ride with some fun downhills and flowing sections. It was also much drier except for the river crossings with the spring flows.

I bought a recurve bow recently, so Dave and I built a target and we all spent many of our spare hours firing arrows down range. I was originally worried about the 50 lbs pull on the bow, but after just a week I am getting stronger and my aim steadier.

Sunday was finally warm and spring like and we did another long ride around the trails near Ellicottville. The trails were in much better condition after the weekend.

I have uploaded the photos from the weekend to the Guy’s Weekend if you want to see them.

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