Paris to Ancaster 2012

Juliette and I rode the Paris to Ancaster race today. It is a 60km cyclocross race through muddy trails, dirt roads and rail trails. It poured rain just before the start of the race, then drizzled through the first half of the race, so the trails were extremely muddy making it the hardest year I have ridden it.

To be honest, most years I find the race really boring with very little technical riding and too many people, but the conditions today made for a fun time. I always love an epic!

I’ve been sick for a few weeks and haven’t been training, plus we signed up late and were in the slower third wave, so I decided not to race it this year, just ride hard with Juliette. That too made for a fun race. We make a great team riding and the tougher it gets the more fun we tend to have.

I’ve uploaded a few photos from the race to the photo albums and to Facebook if you want to see a few very muddy people.

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