Honda To Produce Four Hybrids in 2009

Honda-FCX-Clarity-3 When we were out shopping for a new vehicle this year, Juliette and I wanted to buy a hybrid, but there are very few available and those that are available are very expensive. We couldn’t justify spending an extra $10,000 on a vehicle, no matter how good the gas mileage was.

Honda currently only has one hybrid in its lineup, the Civic and has long been in the shadow of their main competitor Toyota and the Prius. Next year, Honda is taking aim directly at Toyota’s dominance of the Hybrid market by adding three new vehicles to their lineup.

The first is an unnamed five door compact based on their new fuel cell concept car, the FCX Clarity. They will also be adding a hybrid version of their CR-Z sports car and of their Fit compact car. All will go on sale in North America, Europe and Japan in early 2009.

We will have to see where the prices fall, but I may just be in the market for a new car next year.

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