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Spring Guy’s Weekend

Juliette was away last weekend on an executive retreat, so I decided to invite everyone down to the chalet for a weekend of mountain biking. Several of us took Friday off for a long weekend. I arrived Thursday night to several inches of snow and was worried when Dave and I went for an early […]

Paris to Ancaster 2012

Juliette and I rode the Paris to Ancaster race today. It is a 60km cyclocross race through muddy trails, dirt roads and rail trails. It poured rain just before the start of the race, then drizzled through the first half of the race, so the trails were extremely muddy making it the hardest year I […]

Ellicottville Mountain Biking Trail Map v1.13

Over the past few months, I have been slowly compiling data on the mountain biking trails around Ellicottville so that I could create a map for my Garmin GPS. This week, I stumbled across the The Ontario Trails Project which inspired me to finally pull everything together and release it to the public. This map […]

Off to Crank the Shield

The packing is done, the race course is loaded into my GPS and the car is packed. In a couple of hours, Juliette and I will be off to race the Crank the Shield, a 3 day, 250km mountain bike race from Gravenhurst to Haliburton Forest. Juliette and I are racing together as a team, […]

24 Hours of Summer Solstice Pre-Ride

A few weeks before the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice, Juliette and I (Team Wanderlust) joined True North (Mari, Dave, Jennie, Anana, Adam and others) at Albion Hills to pre-ride the race course. This is the video of our ride. The music is Pedal Pusher by the Toronto rapper Abdominal from the album Escape From […]