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Bike Week 2008

It is Bike Week in Burlington from May 31 to June 8. Today is Bike to Work Day, so show your support to everyone out on their bikes today. Saturday, June 8 from noon to 3 pm there are bike related activities and a community barbecue at Central Park. The weather is finally warm and […]

Commuter Challenge Week – 1 to 7 June 2008

Set to coincide with the Canadian Environment Week from June 1st to 7th, is Commuter Challenge Week. Commuter Challenge is a national program that encourages Canadians to walk, cycle, take transit, carpool or tele-work instead of driving alone to work. Cities across the country are getting in on the action by planning events and support. […]

The First Man to Swim at the North Pole

It’s not a joke, on Sunday, the British explorer Lewis Pugh swam for nearly 19 minutes in the open water at the North Pole. Until recently, the North Pole was constantly covered in thick ice, so Pugh did the swim to raise awareness of the devastating effects of global warming. The water was -1.8°C and […]

How Bad Is Our Scientific Knowledge?

I was reading an older article in the NY Times this morning about how little the average American knows about science. I am sure that Canadian statistics wouldn’t be much better, but it makes you wonder how a democratic society can make intelligent decisions about issues like global warming or nuclear energy when they don’t have the […]

Ineeka Tea

While trolling around the Internet this morning, I found another example of over-the-top excessive packaging. Today’s winner in the destroy the environment contest is ineeka tea. This is clearly a company that doesn’t get it. Their tag line is “cultivating consciousness” and they advertise that their tea is Certified organic, Fair Trade certified and Grown […]