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Credit Card Fraud

Several people have contacted me recently about suspicious credit card charges going to London. As far as I know, these are fraudulent charges. You should contact your bank and contest the charges. This is a personal blog. is not based in London (England or Canada) and does not take credit card payments in […]

Earthquake in Japan

Every day, the news out of Japan becomes more tragic. Juliette and I both lived and worked in Japan and we have many friends there, so this disaster is particularly close to our hearts. Our thoughts are with all of our friends in Japan and we hope that their families and loved ones are safe. […]

Bad Blogger–2011 Edition

Bad blogger, very bad blogger. One should update more than twice a year! Mea culpa and no excuses, so let’s get on with nearly a four months worth of updates. First, I do wonder sometimes if anyone is out there listening, so if you are, please leave a comment, if only to say hi. Roo […]

Roo Rests

The name Roo has stuck and I think it has become official. He has really been coming out of his shell over the past couple of days and is developing a personality all his own. He likes to jump up and down on his front paws when he wants to play and loves to snuggle, […]

The Arrival of Roo

Sunday, I returned from a week mountain biking in Vermont to find a new member of our family, Roo. Saturday, Juliette flew to South Carolina and back to pick up a little brother for Daisy. Now I am the father of two crazy hairless terriers. My first meeting with Roo was after a very long […]