Team Wanderlust

We are doing a lot of races this year and we are climbing, mountain biking and riding with everyone a few times a week, so it has been hard to keep organized. To help with this, I have decided to resurect the Team Wanderlust website.

I have started posting upcoming races on the site and will also start posting when we are riding, climbing or getting together so that if anyone misses an email, they can just check out the site.

This site isn’t just for people who race as a part of Team Wanderlust, but for everyone who rides or climbs with us. One cool thing that you can do, is subscribe to the calendar by clicking the button at the top center of the Event Calendar.  That way, if you have Outlook, Google Calendar or any other calendar that is capable of subscribing to iCal, you can have all of the races and training automatically updated in your calendar.

When viewing events, don’t let the two dates fool you. One is the date that the event was posted to the website, the red date in a red box within the post is the actual date of the event.

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