A Chalet in Ellicottville

IMG00017-20081109-0919Juliette, Daisy and I went down to Ellicottville, NY this weekend and we came back with a new chalet. It is a gorgeous A-frame ten minutes north of Ellicottville. It has three bedrooms, two baths and comes furnished, so we hope our friends will be visiting often. It is less than two hours from our house and minutes to the ski hill and mountain biking.

This is the MLS Listing while it lasts. I have also put up a bunch of pictures that I took with my cell phone and copied from the MLS site. I am going down again next weekend for a home inspection, so I’ll take and post more photos then.

The chalet is on 5 acres of land and looks out over a large pond on one side and off into the distant hills on the other. There is only one neighbour and plenty of woods on the property. I expect we’ll have snowshoeing, x-country skiing and biking trails cut in no time.

It has been ages since I last posted, so a quick update. Juliette did great on the Crank the Shield, the three day mountain bike race in Northern Ontario. It was a long tough race, but we managed to come in third.

A couple of weeks of weeks later, we flew down to Las Vegas for one day for Steve & Silvia and Cam & Lori’s Elvis wedding. We had a great time. I think it was easily the most fun I’ve had at a wedding. Check out the pictures, they’re fun.

I got sick right after the wedding and the next weekend, we found ourselves in Pennsylvania for the Iron Cross, the longest cyclocross race in North America. It was a fun, tough race. Neither Juliette nor I did very well because we were so beat from going constantly and being sick, but we had a great time hanging with the True North team. We’ll be heading back next year for sure.

There are plenty of new photos to check out and I will add more soon. I’ll also do my best to not leave it so long between posts.

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