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Spring is Pond Skimming Time

Juliette and I are crazy busy preparing to leave for Sweden for ten days of skiing in the high arctic, but tonight I stole time away from the prep to upload the photos I took from the pond skimming at Holiday Valley a couple of weeks ago. This was my first day with the new […]

Mardi Gras Video

I just found a video of the Mardi Gras weekend at the Holiday Valley ski club, so I thought I would share,

Mardi Gras Weekend

Spring skiing was supposed to start this weekend, but the snow gods have been playing with us. It was warm and raining for most of last week, but we were caught in a snow storm on the drive down to the chalet on Friday night. Saturday we woke to bright sun and a few inches […]

Telestock ‘11

I took last Friday off work to attend Telestock, an annual get together of telemark skiers at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville. As luck would have it, I woke Friday morning to a serious winter storm and a huge dump of fresh powder. The snow was so bad that I got stuck three times on my […]

A Long Weekend at the Chalet

After signing the offers for the houses on Friday, Juliette and I headed down to the chalet for a well deserved long weekend. My sister Lori was coming down for the first time and I was looking forward to spending the weekend with her. Our neighbours, Tim and Ginny had several of their kids and […]