Inspection of the Chalet

Chalet 034 I am just back from a home inspection of the chalet and it passed with flying colours. While I was there, I took a bunch of pictures of the interior. When we first saw it, we rushed through so quickly that we had forgotten a fair amount of what was in the chalet and how it was laid out. I figured that the pictures would help us remember and help us plan for moving in next month. If you would like to see the new pictures, I have added them to the photo album.

Most of the furnishings, all of the appliances and even most of the decorations are coming with the house, so it looks like we will be able to just walk in after closing.

After the inspection, I walked the property. The pond is very deep and looks like it will be great for swimming. The dock should only need minor repairs. The forest surrounding the cabin are mainly well spaced coniferous trees, so it should be great for walking and I am sure that I can get some fun, twisty biking trails in there next spring. As I walked the boundaries of the property, I was pleasantly surprised how big it was.

Juliette and I are getting pretty excited. Next month won’t come quickly enough!

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