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Easter in Ottawa

This year for Easter (and my birthday,) Juliette and I decided to head to Ottawa to visit Sharlene and her children. We hadn’t seen Sharlene in about nine years, so the visit was long overdue. For those of you who do not know her, Sharlene and I have known each other for nearly twenty years. […]

Family Photos

When my grandfather passed away last Christmas, one of the things that he left behind was thousands of photos and dozens of old movies. Most of these have not been seen in decades, so I decided to take on the project of converting as much as I can to a digital format so that I […]

A Long Weekend at the Chalet

After signing the offers for the houses on Friday, Juliette and I headed down to the chalet for a well deserved long weekend. My sister Lori was coming down for the first time and I was looking forward to spending the weekend with her. Our neighbours, Tim and Ginny had several of their kids and […]

Philip and Sarah’s Wedding

Two weeks ago, my brother Philip married his fiancée Sarah at the Old Mill in Toronto. It was a beautiful ceremony and they make a wonderful couple. I couldn’t ask for better for my brother and know that they will be happy together. Welcome to the family Sarah, not that you haven’t already been a […]

Cheryl & Dana’s Wedding

Tonight I uploaded over five hundred photos that I took at Cheryl and Dana’s wedding on the 28th of July, 2007. I’m sorry that it took me so long to edit and upload them, I know how much people have been looking forward to seeing them. They did turn out great though. It will take […]