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If they weren’t so cute…

Tonight, I was working downstairs and began to wonder why Daisy and Roo were so quiet. When I checked on them, I found out – they had been busy with their project. They are both lucky that they are so damn cute! In other news, despite the unseasonably warm weather last week, we had an […]

A Big Scare

I thought that I lost Daisy tonight. She has been crazy full of energy lately because she hasn’t been getting enough exercise. She hates the cold and usually refuses to go for walks, or if she does go, she digs in after a few minutes. Some days, it is even a struggle to get her […]

Daisy Dawg Goes Hiking

Biking season is over and we are all burnt out from too much riding, so we have all started hiking on weekends. We have been hoping that Daisy would be able to join us on these hikes, so yesterday, Juliette and I took her for a long walk around Kern Cliff. She had a great […]

Introducing Daisy Dawg

Daisy, the new addition to our family arrived on a flight from Seattle yesterday. It was a trying time for both of us. I arrived at Air Canada Cargo just after her flight landed to pick her up. I was told that she wouldn’t be off the plane for another 40 minutes, so I waited […]