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30 Lbs, 30 Days, $30

Juliette and I were out on a long ride yesterday joking about how we were burning more calories than we would eat that day. To pass the time we were trying to figure out our mileage rating like you do for cars. We finally came up with a rough estimate of 3 km/fig newton. While […]

Being Vegetarian

As most people now know, Juliette and I decided to go vegetarian a couple of months ago. I was a vegetarian before and neither of us ate much red meat, so it wasn’t much of a leap. In fact, we both just fell into being vegetarian without much conscious decision. We had decided to try […]

Organic Fruit and Vegetables

As anyone who knows us knows, both Juliette and I are very concerned about the environment and about the chemicals in our food. It was hard to live up to our standards though because the cost of organic vegetables at the grocery store is prohibitive, especially since both of us are vegetarians. We always did […]