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Holguin to Canada

I don’t do tourist very well. I think it is because I am so easily bored. I see other sitting in the cafés all day drinking coffee in the morning, then beer for the rest of the day. They just watch the people come and go. I try it, but I get restless and leave […]

Playa Pesquero to Holguin – 71.5km

We had been planning on staying at the resort until lunch, but we woke up restless and missing our bikes, so we packed our panniers and were on the road for Holguin by 9:30. The ride passed quickly with a tailwind and beautiful scenery. Steep cliff topped mountains dotted the landscape and the terrain rolled […]

Rest Day at Playa Pesquero

We were up and by the pool drinking coffee by seven this morning. During these weeks of riding, I have settled into the rhythm of the sun, rising and setting each day like one of its disciples. A buffet breakfast, a swim in the sea, worshipping the sun; leisurely days in a place like this […]

Banes to Play Pequero – 59.5km

Last night in the square in Banes, we met an American with a touring bike. He was big, loud and Texan. He didn’t want to hear anything about the road ahead or our story, he only wanted to forcefully regale us with his epic stories of his tour so far, his bike and his mishaps. […]

Mayari to Banes – 58.4km

We set off early again this morning for Banes. The first 16 kms on the main road to Holguin were busy, but the road was in good condition and it passed quickly. We then turned north toward Banes and the road immediately turned bad. As we wove through the potholes and our teeth chattered along […]