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Off to Spain

In a few hours, Juliette and I will be loading our bike boxes and panniers into the car, driving to the airport and flying off for two glorious weeks riding around southern Spain. Dave & Mari are flying with us, and Jen & Rich are flying down from Sweden to meet us. It has been […]

Philip and Sarah’s Wedding

Two weeks ago, my brother Philip married his fiancée Sarah at the Old Mill in Toronto. It was a beautiful ceremony and they make a wonderful couple. I couldn’t ask for better for my brother and know that they will be happy together. Welcome to the family Sarah, not that you haven’t already been a […]

Yellow Bike Ninjas

Our experiment as a one car family is surviving the bitter cold that winter has thrown our way over the past couple of weeks. Juliette and I have been taking turns riding into work and we have only been taking the car when we have to be out late or have stuff to pick up. […]

A Chalet in Ellicottville

Juliette, Daisy and I went down to Ellicottville, NY this weekend and we came back with a new chalet. It is a gorgeous A-frame ten minutes north of Ellicottville. It has three bedrooms, two baths and comes furnished, so we hope our friends will be visiting often. It is less than two hours from our […]

Photos from the O-Cup at Albion Hills

I have uploaded several pictures that Dave Unrau took at the O-Cup in Albion Hills last weekend. With his permission, I uploaded a few of his photos of us and friends to the Spring 2008 Photo Album. There are great shots of me, Juliette, Tecla, Mari, Dave, Jennie and Eva. Check them out. If you […]